Reptiles & Amphibians

The Tadpoles Are Growing Up

Remember when we found the tiny tadpoles in the rain barrel? They've been doing a lot of growing since then and now the very first tadpole has left the pond to explore dry land. Here he is on his very first day in his new environment.



He's just a tiny little guy. His body is about a half inch long (not counting the length of his tail). He's not doing a whole lot - or maybe it's just that he's busy doing a lot of baby frog stuff and it just doesn't look like a lot to a human.

One of the other tadpoles noticed that his brother left the pond, and was very curious about the whole situation.



Most of the other tadpoles, though, are still focused on all of their busy pond activities and haven't noticed what big brother is doing. We aren't quite sure how many tadpoles are in our little plastic pond. We've counted at least 50 but have no idea how many others are hiding in the rocks at the bottom of the bond.



It is so peaceful watching little tadpoles going about their important tadpole business. They look a lot like balloon or blimps with faces. It's pretty amazing to see the changes that they go through on their way to becoming and adult frog.

It shouldn't be long before other tadpoles join their sibling on the pond shore. I wonder if the curious one from the second video will be the next one out of the water.