Butterfly Bushes Enjoying The Mild Winter



We have had some very cold weather this month, but the general pattern for January has been a very cold night or two followed by a few days of unseasonably warm temperatures.


The butterfly bushes (buddleia) are still putting out fresh growth on the mild days. Usually they are fully dormant at this point in the winter.




Most of my butterfly bushes are seed grown, sown two years ago using the Winter Sowing method. I'm hoping that this year's extended growing season and higher than normal ground moisture is helping them develop nice deep roots that will pay off in an abundance of flowers this summer.


Not that I'm complaining about last year's butterfly bush display. They did great for young shrubs, and then followed with some serious seed production. Look at all of these seed pods.




And look at how many seeds come flying out of all of those seed pods! I wonder how many of them will sprout in the garden this spring.